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Appointment Preparation

Preparation for your appointment 

When you come for a curl cut with me, you are in good hands. 

I have curly hair myself and have been focusing on curls for over 4 years. I  have  been hairdressing for 30 years+ and have A LOT of experience with all types of hair.

Your first curl appointment is an in-depth session, which can be up to 2 hours. $115 per hour.

I will chat with you about what has brought you to my chair and what your curl routine looks like at the moment.

The hair is cut dry so you need to come with your hair clean, dry and as you would normally wear it. Not weighed down with heavy oils or butter products or tied up in any way.

I have had international training in the Technique of dry curl cutting which means the hair is cut as you see it with no combs, thinning or texturising of the hair. Experienced in all types of textures, density and curl types so you can relax and enjoy. I will customise your cut to your needs and wants.

Once I  have created your shape, I will take you to the basin and cleanse and treat your hair with what it needs while explaining what I’m doing throughout. We have products that are designed for curly hair; gentle, hydrating and totally water soluble. 

Back at the mirror, I will show you what I think will best suit your styling needs whether it be low maintenance or super defined styled curls.

There is ongoing care and support with take home information and a Facebook and Instagram page where you can refer to if needed.

If you want to send any photos or have concerns about your hair that would be great too. 

Further curl appointments can be a full cut/cleanse and style or other options of Maintenance cuts are available also.

I will require a $100 deposit for all new clients. This deposit is transferable but not always refundable if you don’t show up to your appointment or cancel at the last moment. Please transfer into account to confirm your appointment using your name as a reference. No later than 72 hours before your appointment.

Curls Undone

I rent a chair at the home based salon “Artisan Hair” which is located at: 

23 Pengover Ave
Cambridge Park

There is ample parking down driveway or on the street.

I have EFTPOS/credit card facilities available.

I look forward to seeing you in the salon soon.